Miramichi Online - Contact and FAQ

Miramichi Online
Phone: (506) 773-6006

How do I buy a subscription?

1. Click on any story, and you'll be directed to a page where you can pay online.

2. You can call (506) 773-6006 to purchase one over the phone. Very easy.

3. You can buy a subscription in town at Cake-A-Chance on the square in Newcastle or at McLean's Vintage Style Antiques on Water Street in Chatham. Cash only at those locations.

I have a coupon. Where do I apply it?

Login, and then go to your profile->edit profile. Enter the coupon code and Bob's your uncle.

I can't read the story

All stories (except obituaries) require you to be logged in and have a valid subscription.

When does my subscription expire?

Log in, then go to profile -> edit profile to see when your subscription expires

My flyers or newspaper was not delivered. What do I do?

Call the Miramichi Leader. 622-2601. (The Miramichi Leader and MO))) are in no way affiliated. We get this question more often than you can imagine)

How do I cancel a recurring payment through PayPal?

Some subscribers make a monthly or yearly recurring payment through PayPal. Check your email from PayPal for subscription cancellation information. Otherwise you can do the following

1. Contact PayPal at 1-888-221-1161

2. Contact Us at 773-6006 or email if your recurring payment is by another method.

How many people can I share my username and password with?

We expect people in a household to share the same MO))) account. MO))) is priced so that it is affordable, and we encourage people NOT to share their username outside their immediate family. No one is getting rich from MO))), but it is not a free service.

MO))) readers who share their password widely risk having their service cancelled without refund.