On The Tee: Miramichi Golf Report

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On The Tee:  It’s Saturday ,9 P.M., the eve of Canada Day , and the lightning is flashing and the thunder is rolling but the weatherman says it will be clear and sunny in the morning . That’s good news for all the people who worked so hard to bring us the many enjoyable activities celebrating the birth of our great country. That’s good for the golfers as well who can have a delicious breakfast at the club , enjoy a round and then have a sociable chat on one of our decks while enjoying a cool one of your choice .

The weather has gone from one extreme to the other in the past two weeks but nature, with a little help from our grounds crew, has kept the course in pretty good condition. The heavy rains were necessary and even then we do have some burnt spots scattered throughout the course. Tom Breau told me they had the sprinklers running sometimes for 24 hours straight but when the heat and sun are so intense damage will occur. We can have 12 sprinklers going at a time and all 18 holes are equipped with sprinklers ( both fairways and greens ) .

The big news is that we had three more aces ( holes-in-one ) . The first was by Steve Kingston playing with an unknown golfer who apparently paid his green fees , enjoyed the round and left . Steve , one of our best golfers according to Dave Jamieson, was using a #6 iron on hole # 7 .
The second was by the hard swinging Irvine Matchett who was playing with Paul and Mario Daigle and Stan Muir . Stan should become a very attractive playing partner as I believe he has been in the group with several golfers who have scored the big one . Irvine made it on hole # 3 using a #7 iron and hitting a Honda Callaway ball . Congrats to both these excellent golfers .

The Moosehead Light League is running along smoothly with only nine teams ( two surprises ) now in the double figures for points . Brian Doak/ Bill Underhill, Gil Blais/ Joe Hawkes and David Hale/ Mark Dunnett lead the way with 12 points ( the maximum available to this date ). John O`Connell/ Harvey Matchett and Jr. Goguen/ Terry Williston are at their heels with 11 points . Derrick Stewart/ Jamie Knowles , Al Trueman/ Ken Martin and Eric Hamilton/ Everett Goguen have 10 points . There are only two teams left who have not scored a point and they are pretty good golfers . We expect all teams will be on the scoreboard after today . Right guys ?

Randy O`Neil reports that in match play the first round is completed and moving on to round two in the championship division are these favourites : Pat Flanagan , Ted Carroll , Eric Babin , Kevin McAllister , Darwin McAllister, Rob Maltby and Greg Savoy .

In Senior Handicap play : Gary Armstrong , Paul Daigle , Mike Gaba , Chris Brown , Randy O`Neil , Dave Jamieson , Jack Sobey and Bob Mason advanced to the second round . Club Captain , Bryan Cornish , has been a real high sheriff enforcing times for games completion . Contact your opponent and get your game done before the deadline .

Ladies` Night on Tuesday and Men`s Night on Wednesday continue to draw good crowds who , of course , enjoy the golf but the meals are top notch as well . People working and unable to golf are welcome to register and enjoy supper . We played last Wednesday with a chap from outside Toronto and he was very impressed with everything we had to offer. Being good hosts we also allowed him to beat us in scoring . I hear the Bridge group is very active and enjoying this great card game every week .

George Springer and then Graham Wade have mentioned that we should return to the practice of ” adopt a hole “. It is simply a group of 3 or 4 golfers who volunteer to look after one certain hole on the course . Pick up litter , rocks in sand traps , small branches
in fairways – perhaps a planter on tee boxes . If your group is interested contact Bryan Cornish at the pro shop .

I have been asked to post the executive for 2012 and they are as follows :
President- Greg Savoy
Ladies` President – Brenda Lambert
Treasurer – Troy MacDonnell
Secretary – Gil Blais
Club Captain – Bryan Cornish
Director of Fix Operations ( bar , kitchen , pro shop ) – Mario Daigle
Director of Marketing and Special Events – Bob Duffey
NBGA Director – Matt Reilly
Acting Past-President – Kevin McAllister
I will post the names of the Holding Company for 2012 in the next column .

It`s a pleasure to see the Juniors (girls and boys ) finally out and practicing on the greens and banging out balls on the range . We have an excellent program again this year and have attached all the information a parent will need to enroll their son/daughter which will give them a head start in this great and growing game.

Did you hear at an Irish wedding reception someone yelled , ” Would all the married men please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living ”
The bartender was almost crushed to death .

The true characteristic of the Irish ,of course, is that they are always able to laugh at themselves and to fight others when necessary.

and remember , ” the secret to staying young is to live honestly , eat slowly and lie about your age ” .

Until next time , take care and be kind

Joe Breen

Miramichi G.C 2012 Elite Junior Golf Program
This program is open to all Junior members at the Miramichi Golf Club who are interested in taking their game to the next level. It is a program which is ideally designed for a Junior player who aspires to play competitive golf and who hopefully currently competes in Tournament golf. Benefits of the program include:
• Mental Game Analysis
• Practice plan and appropriate drills
• Statistics tracking sheet
• Personal Journal/ log book
• Effective practice strategies
• Skills sheets

*Teacher/Student ratio is a maximum of 8 Juniors.
Dates: July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24, 31st and August 8th
Cost: $50
Time: 12:30- 1:30
*To register, please see Pro Shop or phone Head Teaching Professional Shaun Murphy at (506) 382-1335

Head Instructor: Shaun Murphy, CPGA Level V
Assistant Instructors: Jordan Drillen, Morgan Matchett

Dear parents/guardians:
I am very pleased to be returning for another season at the Miramichi golf facility! When Mr. Chris Rutter contacted me to see if I would be interested in conducting the Junior Program last season, I wasn’t really familiar with the club. After the first couple weeks, I realized what a hidden treasure the Miramichi Golf & Country Club and its staff, patrons and members offered. Your children are very fortunate to have such a tremendous facility and environment to be introduced or continue to grow in this fabulous sport of golf.
I am attaching an outline of the program for this season. I will be covering all aspects of the game, from rules, equipment, proper etiquette, fundamentals, and of course- fun!
My background:
I have been involved in this great game since the age of 14. Golf has provided me with a lot of opportunities. I have been fortunate to travel, compete at a high level, and instruct/work at some of the finest golfing areas and courses Atlantic Canada has to offer.
I received my professional status in 2001 while working at the course I grew up playing, Green Gables Golf Course in beautiful Cavendish, P.E.I.
I worked there for three seasons as well as Anderson’s Creek Golf Club for their first year of operation.
I then accepted an opportunity to work at Lakeside Golf Club in Moncton at the Louis Melanson Golf Academy. It was there where I was able to really have a great opportunity to develop as an instructor. I worked at the Academy for three seasons, before accepting a position as Head Professional of the Golf Club. This provided me with an opportunity to work more with the business aspect of the game.
After doing this position for two seasons, I realized my true passion was actually teaching the game of golf- specifically to youth, and beginners. I have been able to do this the past three seasons at the Moncton Golf Academy as well as last year at your facility.
Teaching has eventually lead me to my current full-time position as an Elementary School Teacher in Petitcodiac, N.B., but still retaining my status as a certified Golf Instructor for the summer months.
I am looking forward to another great season with the Junior Program and I look forward to meeting you and your children over the next couple of months!
Shaun Murphy, B.Ed., Level V CPGA Instructor

2012 Junior Golf Program Itinerary
Thurs. June 28, 2012 “Kick-off Session”
-Students will be introduced to one-another
-Intro. to rules and etiquette
-Mini-putt contest
Tues., July 3, 2012
“Short-Game Intro.”
-Students will be introduced to proper grip and stance for both putting and chipping
-Short-game up and down challenge

Tues., July 10, 2012
“Sand and Approach”
-Students will learn proper technique for sand shots and approach shots

Tues., July 17, 2012
Thurs., July 19, 2012 “Full swing with short irons”
-Students will learn proper stance, grip and ball position for full swing
-Closest to the pin challenge
Tues., July 24, 2012 “Full swing with mid and longer irons”
-students will receive review of fundamentals as well as more individualized instruction.
-Accuracy challenge
Tues., July 31, 2012
Thurs., Aug. 2, 2012 “Full swing with Woods/hybrids and driver”
-Students will learn fundamentals such as stance, technique and ball position for hitting a tee shot with a driver.
-Students will learn how to hit a wood/hybrid from the fairway and tee
-“Accuracy and long-drive challenge”
Tues., Aug. 7, 2012
Thurs., Aug. 9, 2012 “Review of skills and tee-green assessment”
-Students will review putting, chipping and full swing
-“3 hole challenge”
Tues., Aug. 14, 2012
Thurs., Aug. 16, 2012 “Skills competition and certificates”
-Students will go through a skills competition challenging all aspects of the game.
-certificates will be awarded for all competitors

Note: rain is part of the game. A little rain will not stop our clinics. If precipitation becomes too heavy, we will move indoors and do fun games about rules and play a mini-putt challenge
*If you have any questions/concerns, you may contact the Golf Club via Chris Rutter @ 506-622-0696
or myself at: shaun.murphy@nbed.nb.ca
or by ph: 506-382-1335

Golf is a very meaningful sport. It teaches you lessons effective for life, such as patience and honesty.
-Misa T., age 16 (Courtesy: The First Tee)