Busy Weekend Upcoming in Miramichi

Don’t ever say there’s nothing to do in Miramichi.  This weekend has a full slate of events, and most of them have to do with speed.

Dragon Boat Racing

The Dragon Boat races will be taking place at Waterford Green on Friday and Saturday.   This is the second year for the races and MO))) is hearing there are 1000 registered racers.  The police are asking boaters to stay out of the way of the racers, but by all means get out on the water to get a better view.  Parking will be at a premium in the downtown area as thousands of people are expected.  Parking will be available at the exhibition on Church Street  if you don’t mind a little walk.

Vintage Aircraft  in Miramichi

Four beautifully-restored vintage aircraft that tell the story of one of Canada’s proudest achievements, the massive, homegrown effort to build airfields and train hundreds of thousands of allied WWII aviators. The Yellow Wings pilots will meet the public and media to talk about significance of their historic planesm operated by Vintage Wings of Canada. For more information: www.yellowwings.ca and www.vintagewings.ca
The planes will be on display and the public is welcome to visit and view the aircraft entrance at the general Manson Way Entrance.
This event is part of the annual COPA Fly-IN.

Rides in the vintage aircraft will also be offered to the public.

Burn Some Rubber at the Miramichi Drag Park

$19600 up for grabs!

Atlantic Canada All Out Racing will be hosting a heads up race at Miramichi Raceway inc on August 17th-19th 2012. A rain date is scheduled for Aug 24th-26th or the next dry day. The race will be run and all prizes will be given out!


EVENT SPONSOR IS Hemi House & Jason McCoy Plumbing & Heating Ltd



(1)- Outlaw Class Open to door cars only, 400 pro tree, No Dragsters.

(2)- Drag radial Class – Any size Drag Radial or any DOT tire max of 10.5 wide. No ( W,s ) and no wheelie bars and no alcohol allowed, 400 pro tree, No Dragsters.

(3)- Top ET Class – Fast Bracket race. 9.50 Dial or quicker to enter.400 pro tree bracket race.

(4)- Real Street Class – Must be licensed, inspected and insured with DOT tires. Stock location suspension components. No lexan and fiberglass is limited to a hood only. Mandatory cruise ( with a hot start ) before qualifying .400 pro tree heads up first to the finish line wins! Route and time to follow. No BIKES.
(5)- 8.90 Index Class. .400 pro tree. Open to everyone !

– PAY OUTS = 1st $800 – 2nd $400 – 3rd $300
– $80 Entry Fee for car and driver for above classes.

(6)- Comp Eliminator Class – .500 Full Tree bracket race.

– 10.90 and 11.90 and 12.90 Index Classes – .500 Pro Tree.- No Dragsters and no delay boxes.
– Bike and Sled Class – .400 pro tree.
– Heads UP bike CLASS – .400 pro tree.
– PAY OUTS = 1st $400 – 2nd $250 – 3rd $150
$60 Entry Fee for vehicle and driver / rider.

– Dennis Financial Junior Dragster class – 1/8 mile. .500 Full Tree. ( A jacket will be given to the winner after the race ) Entry Fee – $2 Donation to the Childrens ward at the Dr Everett Chalmers Hospital.
– Pay outs = 1st $150 – 2nd $100 – 3rd $50 – #1 Qualifier $50

Class Sponsors :
– Outlaw Class – Atlantic Pacific Trucking.
– Drag Radial Class – Drag Radial Garage ( DRG ) and Jason McCoy Plumbing and Heating.
– Top ET Class – 1st – Richard Drummond.
– 2nd – Skillen Builders.
– 3rd – D & M Auto Body.
– Real Street – 1st – Leigh Kelly.
– 2nd – Marwood LTD.
– 3rd – Auto Pride
– Comp Eliminator Class – Riverview Ford.
– 8.90 Class – O’neill Plumbing and Heating
– 10.90 Class – Scott Mitchells Garage..
– 11.90 Class – Bird Stairs.
– 12.90 Class – Central Auto Parts.
– Bike and Sled Class 1st – Chopper Rods.
2nd – JA Design.

Stock Car Racing at Miramichi Speedway