Dave’s Rant: The Zeller’s Mess

540007_10151120400930822_1937005926_n-150x150I couldn’t help notice the picture on Miramich Online of the decrepit old former Zellers/Sobeys building along the south side of Rte. 11 across from JMH.. I agree that this is a deplorable mess and whoever owns this site should be forced to clean it up or bulldoze it. Too bad some of that 50 million wasn’t still around to put towards this cleanup. Maybe he needs another little loan to get this done. This council needs to start enforcing the unsightly premises bylaw as I can name several examples. This being one and another being that mess under the Centennial bridge. The jury is still out on the potential mess on the north side of the bridge next to Shoppers.

574738_528974140493055_2025950432_nWe spend thousands of dollars luring tourists to come to our city and yet we don’t care what the city looks like. I’m guessing the owners of these properties have friends in the right places. These are two major examples but they are everywhere in east and west and points in between. You don’t see that in Moncton or Fredericton and we should be no different. Come on council ,clean up this city and make it presentable for our guests.