It’s me or the smartphone!

Dear Advice Candy:

My girlfriend can’t go anywhere that her phone doesn’t beep or buzz. We’re forgetting how to have a conversation. She has a busy job, and gets lots of email, phone calls and texts, but it’s starting to get on my nerves that she always needs to answer them while we are out. And I don’t think they are all business related! I asked her to use her phone one day to send a text and she refused. What should I do?

Third Wheel to a Blackberry


Dear Third Wheel:

Hmmmm……have you ever read the book “He’s just not that into you?” Well if there was a male version of it, it may be called “She’s just not that into you” Lots of interesting points in there. Although this book is aimed at a female audience, the principles are not gender specific. You should pick up a copy.
I don’t think anyone should be a third wheel to anything in a relationship especially a Blackberry. You may want to open your eyes to the possibility that she may not be in the moment with you because she’s in the moment with someone else. I would be rather suspicious she won’t let you see her phone either. I hope I’m not too abrupt but I never like to see anyone blindsided by signs that are already present in a relationship on the way down the drain. You deserve more! You deserve the respect of being the center of someone’s attention at least for an evening out.

Your Truly,



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