Miramichier Returns from Nashville with new Album

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New Album:  His Boots

website: http://www.tedlynch.com

Ted Lynch has his new album in had. A few years ago he want to Nashville to record his debut album “Invade My Soul”. The last time around Ted had a generous benefactor, but this time he went on his own dime. He used the same studio and same professional musicians as he did last time, and one of his 11 songs is written by Sam Mullins, an award winning Nashville songwriter. The other ten songs on the album are written by Ted.

The album can be purchased at Chuck Wagon in Newcastle, or at Miramichi Online in Chatham (1750 water Street, next to the Dollar Store), or online using the “buy it now” button.

I wrote the song “His Boots” shortly after my dad passed away in March 2010. I remember the driveway being full of vehicles with lots of family at the homestead offering support during our grieving. As we gathered at the house I found myself suddenly intrigued by simple items that belonged to my dad and things I had seen him with in the past.

Days after the funeral I recalled the picture in my mind of my fathers work boots sitting side by side in the porch where he would watch TV or have an afternoon nap on the sofa. You see, I always wore my dad’s old pair of boots when he would get a new pair. He worked at the local pulp mill for over three decades and I don’t overly recall him wearing anything but work boots, even in the heat of summer. He was a worker. I didn’t work at the mill but would often help my dad around the yard with the winter’s wood, the garden or any other chore he had around the house.

As I sat alone with my mom at one point, I had asked her if I could have dad’s boots. She said, “Sure Ted, you can have dad’s boots.” I was grateful. I needed a pair and what better pair to have…then Dads.

His Boots had a variety of evidence on them which told of his whereabouts. From wet lap from his work, wood shavings from the wood pile, soil from the garden or a whole host of animal manure, these clung to his boot sides and soul.

I visited the place we called the hole in the spring after dads’ passing. I saw his shirt hanging on a nail which still hangs there today. I stood in the middle of his little farm yard and witnessed all the grass that had grown up where he once spent a lot of his time feeding and nurturing his animals and birds. It was too quiet! I felt a sense of loss as what was important to him also died. His once vibrant hobby ended with empty cages and dry water dishes. Suddenly I had an idea. I studied his hen house and examined to see if it could be moved. I retrieved a measuring tape and took some notes and then went and made a phone call to find with excitement that it would fit on a trailer and be able to pass under the train bridge to its new destination, my home.

With that said I got some laying hens and found myself walking in the steps of my father. I was excited but soon realized I needed to learn a lot more about raising chickens. I made many phone calls to my dads close bird buddies with what seemed like a million questions, questions which were not important to me when dad was here with us.

Then…one morning as I pulled on his boots and filled up the water jugs, I headed toward the hen house, which was once his, and I looked down staring at my feet as I walked. My thought, here I am walking in my dad’s boots. At that very moment I knew I had my next song.

The truth of the matter is, we all are called to walk in our father’s boots, our heavenly Fathers.

I hope you enjoy the song I’ve written, “His Boots” and whether you have your dad’s boots to walk in or not, I hope you walk in a straight path…toward Him.