Miramichi Singer Loses Voice

Imagine you invested a lot money and a lot of time to chase you dream, and all of a sudden it takes a turn for the worst. That’s what happened to a Miramichier just as he embarked on his music career. Ted Lynch is no stranger to using his voice to make a living – for years he was the morning show host at Life Radio, and you could hear him around town singing up a storm promoting his first album, “Invade My Soul”. Two years ago Ted went to Nashville and recorded his first record, and couldn’t wait to get back to do it again.

He continued to work at the radio station part time as he promoted his music and prepared his next album. When the songs were ready and when he had enough money to go back to Nashville, he went. In case you don’t know, it costs a fair bit of money to hire professional musicians and engineers to put a record together. You have to hope people like it, buy it, and invite you to sing it all over the place if you are ever going to make your money back. But you can’t sing your way to prosperity if you lose your voice.

Ted recently returned from Newfoundland where he did 11 shows in 14 nights, and had a busy summer schedule ahead of him with concerts all over PEI and New Brunswick promoting the new album, “His Boots”. But that has all come to a screeching halt because he can’t even talk, let alone sing. “My voice never got much rest over a stretch of a few weeks,” he said. When I wasn’t singing, I was on the air, and while I was in Newfoundland I was always socializing wit the good folks who put me up while I was on tour. When I got back, I knew my voice was damaged.”

Ted took it pretty easy for a week or so, and his voice did start to recover a bit, but it has since relapsed and he has had to cancel upcoming shows. Doctors tell him to rest his voice, and they are trying different medications to help along the healing process. Many performers have suffered vocal cord damage including Justin Beiber and Adele, but they have record sales to rely on for income.

So that’s where we come in. MO))) would like to invite everyone to have a listen to Ted’s music, and ante up $20 for his record. You can stop by the office and purchase one, or at the Chuck Wagon in Newcastle, or you can order one online at Ted’s website. TedLynch.com