Miramichi Regional Hospital will introduce paid parking in Fall 2012

MIRAMICHI (July 9, 2012) – The Miramichi Regional Hospital will introduce paid parking in Fall 2012, for both staff and members of the public.

The introduction of parking fees was announced in October 2011, and it is intended to provide funding to maintain and expand the parking lot.

“If you have visited the Miramichi Regional Hospital lately, you are aware our current parking facilities are getting older and require more maintenance,” said Jeff Carter, Vice President, Operations and Support Services. “Both public and staff parking facilities require an expansion to meet the increased demand.”

Paid parking is expected to be introduced in late September, with a cost to the public of $2 per visit. Options will be available for those experiencing financial hardship. In addition, volunteers at the Miramichi Regional Hospital will not be required to pay for parking. The parking system will be automated and does not require additional staff to operate. .

Paid parking is currently implemented at Horizon’s other regional hospitals and the revenues are reinvested back into those facilities. It is estimated paid parking could generate approximately $250,000 in revenue per year to be reinvested back into the Miramichi Regional Hospital.