Miramichi News: The Best of the Best at MO))) For 2011

Miramichi News:  Here at MO))), 2011 was marked with a lot of milestones, firsts, and some lessons learned.  Some lessons were good, and of course, some not so good.  Among these lessons was how accepting Miramichiers “far and wide” have been to our Online news source.  We focus on all aspects of life in Miramichi, with a primary function of promoting it’s people, and the region.  Our goal from the start here at MO))) has been to deliver something different, entertaining, and make people sit up and take notice.  Well, we have done just that as far as I am concern, our numbers don’t lie either.  Since June we have accumulated almost 900,000 views averaging over 110,000 views per 30 days, quit amazing indeed.  We would like to thank all of you who left feedback, both positive and negative, we have learned a lot, and are still learning everyday!  Thank you for a wonderful 2011, we look forward to your continued support in 2012.  Giv’er!

My goal in this article, as in many wrap up articles being written this time of year in endless publications,  is to list our “most viewed” of 2011. Our top storys, top columnist, top sports story, and of course our top Hottie will all be featured!  So with out further adue, here you are…

Top News Story:  Our top viewed “News” story of 2011 was that of a missing person.  When 14 year old Alicia Hachey went missing the young girls Grandmother contacted MO))), we put the story on immediately.  The article went “viral” over our social network, and that of all of our followers.  It was incredible to see the outreach of support and interest from the Miramichi Region and beyond.  The story attracted over 9,700 unique views literally over night, thus winning our “most viewed” News Story for 2011. Alicia was found safe and sound by the way!  To view this story just CLICK HERE

Top Columnist:  MO)) plays host to 8 independant columnists that chose to blog here at MO)) on a Bi-weekly basis, and some have developed quit a following indeed.  We would like to take the time right now to acknowledge their contributions and say thank you to each of them.  Paddy Quinn (MO))) Sports), Ivy Lam (Sunny Side Up), Roy Wright (The Wright Stuff), Tara Ross-Robinson (Tara’s Truths), Cindy Rule (The Rambling Rule), Darcy McLaughlin (River Geek, Sports, News), Dave McLean (Dave’s Rant), and finally Kristin Siliker (Blonde Logic).  All of our adored Columnists have a faithful audience, and are blessed with a flare for the written word, and of course,  something to say of interest on their topic of choice.  But, there can be only one “top viewed” columnist for 2011, and that distinction goes to non other than Kristin Siliker of “Blonde Logic”.  Kristin’s Blog has been viewed just over 6,200 times by MO))) viewers since mid September.  Kristin’s always entertaining, often Bold, and sometimes controversial topics, have led to an almost immediate popularity among MO))) readers.  She, without a doubt, has a unique perspective on the world and knows how to articulate herself.  Thanks for a great 2011 Kristin, we all look forward to your contributions in 2012.  Check out Blonde Logic by CLICKING HERE

Top Video:  An ever popular element to our little bag of tricks here at MO))) is our home grown videos.  We produce a monthly series called “On the River’, as well as some community videos that have an existential feel to them, and of course our “on the scene” news stories.  All of the videos are focused on showing the rest of the world how awesome Miramichiers are, and how they stand out in the world around us.  I was very proud to be a part of all of our videos, but there can be only one “most viewed”.  So, without further delay, our top video is: “The Night Before Christmas” production.  This video is also our most resent.  Capturing the heart and soul of Miramichi, the video had MO))) visiting people at their place of business to deliver one line of the timeless poem, “The Night Before Christmas”.  The production demonstrated to everyone how good spirited and whole hearted Miramichi really is with over 6,000 views generated in the last two weeks!  To view the video, CLICK HERE!

Top Sports:  Paddy Quinn has beaten me to the punch on this one!  So, I will just offer you a quick link to his top pick for 2011.   CLICK HERE!

Top Hottie:  Perhaps our most coveted, and most controversial aspect of MO))) is our Hotties section.  Originally conceived to offer our viewers something out of the ordinary, and something to occupy their time in between news stories, the Hotties section is always in the top 5 of viewed stories on a daily basis.  Since June the page has generated over 70,000 unique views all by itself.  It’s “Hot”!  We have featured over 23 people that are from Miramichi, lived in Miramichi, or have Miramichi roots,but like the others, there can be only one!  MO)))’s, most viewed Hottie for 2012 is none other than Hottie #13, Miramichiers own, Ashley MacCormack!  Ashley has had over 8,000 people view her page since July!  There are others that  are close, but Ashley is Number 1.  Congrats.  To view Ashleys Photos, please CLICK HERE!

This concludes my recap of 2011, we hope you keep tuning in every day to see whats new on MO))), again thanks for all your support in 2011, Happy New Year from all of us at MO))), Chopper Robinson, Frank Gallant, and Larry Lynch, and all of our faithful contributors, Bonne Annee.


Chopper Robinson

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