Miramichi group to train autistic for workplace

Individuals with ASD, when approaching adulthood often have difficulty navigating through available resources. The current unemployment rate is high in Miramichi and this one of many barriers making it difficult for persons with ASD to find employment. While many programs offer similar employment curriculum, the programs are not tailored to the learning style and communication challenges of individuals with ASD. Autism Resources Miramichi focus is to build upon existing assets and teach deficit skills, thus improving opportunities for success, by delivering specific curriculum designed for persons with autism spectrum disorder.

The mission at Autism Resources Miramichi, Inc. (ARM) is to serve persons of all ages living with ASD by providing tangible resources, disseminating quality, evidence-based information, and facilitating professional intervention and involvement in the context of a supportive environment.

Autism Resources Miramichi goal is to deliver Life Skills and Employment Program in August focusing on the needs of persons diagnosed with ASD living in Northumberland County over the age of 16. We are offering the employment preparedness program to approximately 12 individuals over a 26 week period. The program will be tailored to individual needs. The program includes the following targets:

  • Life/social and community skills training
  • Transition planning assistance
  • An employment preparedness course
  • A job matching program
Autism Resources Miramichi will also hire one employee, a coordinator to teach the curriculum. The coordinator will have completion of university in one of the following domains: humanities, education, community studies, psychology, community college studies in related fields. Specialized education in Autism Intervention Training is an asset. The coordinator’s key responsibilities include:
  1.  Oversee the implementation of a curriculum, specific to client need
  2. Develop a case plan for client to enhance life skills and access volunteer or employment opportunities
  3. Assisting client in goal setting and transitional planning
  4. Evaluate and monitor the progress of each client
  5. Build relationships with community partners
  6. Oversee job match program
  7. Lead clients through role modeling techniques in social, vocational, life skills training and moving individuals towards independence

An agreement made between Autism Speaks Canada, financial sponsor of the Family Services Grant and Autism Resources Miramichi Inc., lead agency for the purpose to deliver an Employment Preparedness Program for individuals living with autism spectrum disorder will commence on August 20, 2012.

Lila Barry, Executive Director for Autism Resources Miramichi is the lead project manager for this initiative. She will report to Autism Resources Miramichi Board of Directors.

The primary beneficiaries of this project will be individuals over the age of 16 living in Northumberland County who are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder who require assistance with social, life and community skills, transition, and becoming prepared for employment. This is a new initiative and we anticipate the enrolment of 12 individuals. Individuals must be at least 16 years of age or older as of January 1, 2012 and be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They must be available to attend the initial assessment and interview in July and be committed to attend sessions as schedule and provide their own transportation.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation is achieved through entrance interviews, entrance assessments, attendance records, exit interviews, exit assessments, monthly progress reports to the Board of Directors, student evaluation surveys, employer evaluation surveys, family member evaluation survey, and program analysis report.
We anticipate meeting with local representatives of Service Canada, Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Employment Development and with Social Development, Miramichi for the purpose to make aware of the existence of the Employment Preparedness Program and to request assistance to seek out clients who may fit the program.
Upon completion of this program, it is Autism Mirmaichi’s intent to submit an evaluation report to both provincial and federal governments and to Autism Speaks Canada to demonstrate the effectiveness of tailoring an employment program specific to individuals with ASD and to verify the current gap in services and opportunities for employment. It is our objective to show the importance and significance of an employment program specific to autism, and to meet clients’ goals with successful outcomes.
Please feel free to distribute the above information to your case managers, supervisors or persons within your organization.


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