Dare the Dark with the Headless Nun Returns to French Fort Cove

Dare the Dark with the Headless Nun every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

At the conclusion of 2011’s Dare The Dark Tour, the community of Miramichi breathed a sigh of relief with   the knowledge that the spirit of the Headless Nun would finally be at rest. However, two new tour guides, despite the warnings of several prominent paranormal investigators, have mustered the courage to provoke the Nun once more. Prepare yourself for the 2012 season of Dare The Dark With The Headless Nun.

Join Nigel Cumberbatch and Claudette Boisvert as they guide you through the dark and mysterious tales surrounding the French Fort Cove. Learn the terrible circumstances of the Nun’s death and her continued haunting of the Cove, protecting the Acadian treasure. Among the known characters in the cove are Willie, a self-proclaimed urban entrepreneur and purveyor of rare antiquities. “That fool Paddy Perry never found nothin’ in this cove, but I’ve got a good feelin’ about this year,” says Willie. “Oh aye, I’m gonna be the one to find that Nun’s treasure and when I do the only stories people will be tellin’ around the cove are gonna be about yours truly!”

The tour guides have been adamant in stressing that Willie is by no means the most frightening thing in the cove. Its inhabitants include lepers, lunatics, weeping widows and perhaps even the Headless Nun herself.

Tours run from July until the end of August every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tickets are $10 and the experience begins at the parking lot by the playground at 9:00 PM. If you wish to reserve your place in advance, call (506) 622-8526. Become a part of the Nun’s legend, soak in the history and enjoy the interactive characters – but be warned, for you could become the Nun’s next victim.

Safety not guaranteed.