Dave’s Rant: Idle No More Bridge Disruption

I am going to rant on this whole Idle no More issue one more time and clear up some peoples opinion ( or try) of what I think of aboriginal people. Also if you think I don’t understand bill C-45 than think again. I know what the ramifications are for every citizen in this country and I think this government is totally out of touch. Having said that I have to say that shutting down a vital highway link during the busiest part of the day is not the answer. Who is going to reimburse the truckers that had to detour around with the added time and fuel. Or the person that had to take a cab all the way around to get to work. I do support your cause and agree that people need a voice but inconveniencing people will not garner much sympathy. The only thing that serves to do is stir up animosity.

That is my opinion and it is not racist. i do have a problem with people slinging racist comments around. Yes there are problems with aboriginal issues and reserves have problems that need to be addressed and it starts with the face of their protest Theresa Spence. For me she represents all that is wrong with the system and does not help the credibility of this movement. You are welcome to comment on this post but please keep the racial stereotypes to yourself.


Dave McLean