2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics Atlantic Championships in Halifax

Ten gymnasts from Rhapsody Rhythmic Gymnastics Miramichi competitive team participated this past weekend in the 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics Atlantic Championships in Halifax, coached by Miruna Timotin.
Over 100 gymnasts aged 5- 16 representing clubs from all over NB and Nova Scotia competed in different level categories.
Apparatuses used: rope, ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs.
Our club’s achievements:
Brynn Silliker: age 5, Level child, first place, gold medal
Lushula Paterson: age 8, Level 2B, free hands 1st place, Ball 2nd place, overall 1st place, gold medal
Ellie Smallwood: age 10, level 3B, free hands 4th place, ball 4th place
Laura Tooker: age 13, level 5B, free hands 3rd place, rope 2nd place, overall 3rd place
Eryn Trevors, Jade Breau, Miki Williston, Dynika Hay: age 8, prenovice group, free hands 2nd place, silver medals

photos taken at the medals ceremony (018-Brynn Silliker, 1st place ) (020-Lushula paterson, 1st place) (021- Brynn Silliker, Lushula Paterson, Yume Williston and coach Miruna Timotin) (039- Laura Tooker, 3rd place) (043- Jade Breau, Eryn Trevors, Dynika Hay, Miki Williston, group 2nd place)